A Place Like Home

ke-lan-tan House is a 2 storey tall building with 10 rooms. Three of the room is located at the ground floor and the rest of them located at the first floor. There are two rooms which we specially design for family with children. The room consists of a queen size bed and two single beds for their kids. The center of attraction in ke-lan-tan House would be the master bedroom. The bed is structured using few hundread years of chinese wood sculpture and also will bring harmony and peace to the person who sleep on it.

Besides that, our rooms are not numbered but named after the famous Penang streets: Penang Street, Beach Street, Carnarvon Street, Light Street, Chulia Street, Pitt Street, Muntri Street, Campbell Street, Armenian Street and Kimberly Street. The room can be divided into 4 categories: Superior suite, leisure suite, family suite and love suite. Each room is facilitated with air-conditioner, TV set, wireless internet and own toilet. The unique style of ke-lan-tan House is, each toilet is located outside but attached to the room, (except the leisure suite which with built-in toilet). Each guest will personally hold the toilet key during their period of stay.

Penang Street Art is one of the most popular tourism places due to their wall painting and people are dying to take picture in that area. The unique painting had caught everyone attention and currently located at ke-lan-tan House as well. The painting was about a little girl opening the gate to welcome the guest. You just cannot miss your chance to take picture with this wonderful 3-D wall painting. It is definitely will make your photo post card a like.
The middle area also consists of a small garden and a small pond. It is not just an ordinary pond. The pond is created based on the design of old stone grinding wheel which was used to make Soya milk in the old days. Besides that, the garden also consists of pitcher plants which are very different to find nowadays. As for coffee lover, we also provided a high quality of coffee drink and when you smell the aroma of the coffee and tasted it without a doubt you will ask for a second cup of coffee.
Besides that, we also welcome our guest to tour around our compound. They can linger at the garden area, having a little chat while enjoying the sky view. They also enjoy the free access to our kitchen area; we provide 24-hour coffee and snacks.